a short story for a competition..

                                             My hands, legs, and mouth are tied up with a rope .I was enclosed inside a treasure chest and thrown under center of sea and I was slowly drowning down knew this will be the end of me…but what can I do my hands where tightly held among the brown tight ropes..I could not breathe and my throats started paining a lot.As I went down I could feel I possessed a strange acquisition of powers. The chest opened up automatically and the ropes untied on their own and moved away. Suddenly I moved upwards slowly, I felt it was all magic. I saw a big whale approaching towards me. It had big incisors and dreadful look and looked as though it was going to gobble me up. As it came so near suddenly it went out of my sight was shocked to see that. All that was running on my mind was “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING AROUND ME”. I don’t know swimming but I am moving up. This was what I was thinking about for so much time. In just few minutes I was on land. Slowly I walked towards the city. I walked forward where I found a man laughing when he saw me. He said to me “CHILD YOU ARE NO MORE. WHAT YOU WISHED HAS ONLY HAPPENED. YOU WILL GO WHERE YOU DESIRED”. Well I could not understand what that guy was actually trying to tell to me. The old man kept his hand on my forehead.I could slowly recollect what had actually happened.
                                  It was the 21st of august and I was lying in the bedroom with my mom. I felt strange reverberations around me but me being a confront just was lying down. Strange noises near the loggia forced me to move out, an illusory icon said “COME TO ME AND LIFE WILL BE EASY OR YOU CHOOSE THE SCARE”.i was taken aback and traumatized. Take no notice at the scene of the prospect I went back to my slumber. I did not want to hassle my mom who was already ill. The next day I woke up behind schedule and with scurry rushed towards the rest room. A tiny stature appeared at the bath tub saying “I WARN YOU ONCE AGAIN”.I had my shower and I rushed to the bus stop where  my friends where waiting for me with apprehension and concern. I reached my block passionately as it was my favorite laboratory class. Everything went on normally till the short break. My friends moved out during the time off while I preferred to stay in the laboratory. Suddenly off went the lights and the amplifier sounded “COME ON THE FULL MOON DAY TO THE RED HILLS AT 7 IN THE EVENING”. The voice was bloodcurdling and I felt like screaming noticeably but I kept my mouth shut and started saying my prayers. In a jiffy the lights automatically switched on and my friends came running towards me saying that I had won first prize in a contest. I just smiled and moved away. My friend could not hit upon what actually happened to me.
                                  In the evening I went home and told my mom that something is happening around me and I am not able to figure out what is actually happening. My mom lovingly cuddled me and said “LEAVE YOUR WORRIES UPON GOD”. I felt a little better as my mom’s cuddle was enough to forget all the worries I have in me.I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.  They have clung to me all my life up to date. My mother’s portage enlightened me more and I dashed my way in to my dormitory. To keep me off my panicky I gazed at the lord’s eye picture on the wall of my dormitory and very sooner I was at my forty winks hugging my throw cushion. But I could not get the kind of serene sleep. All the thoughts of the strange things happening around me kept on disturbing me. The next day was a Sunday, the kind of a lethargic and slothful day an average teenager will have. I heard a lot of furor outside my house ,slowly  I sneaked a look outside my window where I saw a man laughing out distinctly and moving progressively from one corner of the street the other and then vice verse. I just thought he was just round the bend and went to have my breakfast. My mom reminded me to have my daily prayers so I rushed down the stairs to the shrine near my house. Suddenly the crazy came bounding towards me and guided me to the back of the temple. An old saint was waiting for me in the back gate of the temple. He wore a yellow colored turban and told me “THE EVIL SPIRITS ARE PLANNING TO REIGN YOU MY CHILD,SURRENDER YOURSELF TOWARDS GOD AND EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE IN HEAVEN OR YOU WILL HAVE TO FACE KNOTTY OBSESSION AND ALSO GET IN TO HELL”. I was bewildered on hearing the words of the saint and the only key to my bolt was to have an enquiry. I asked the saint “HOW CAN I SURRENDER MY LORD”. The old saint replied “END YOURSELF” and moved away. As I moved out of the temple I felt as though someone was in pursuit of me. I turned back and I had the shock of my life, I found innumerable apes chasing me. It was like they were calling me. I rushed my way back the temple. When I turned back the apes were out of sight.
                                             I knew that what the old man said was the only option was to end myself. In the evening, no matter what happens I decided to get home and ran to my house. My worried mom enquired what had happened and I responded that I went to my friends place. It was evening and I took the lord’s photo in my hand and ran towards the lake. I tied myself with ropes and sat inside one of the treasury tests which the thieves used to keep jewels under the sea. As expected the thieves came and I was thrown and everything ended up. I also could recollect that this old man here was the one who was laughing like a fool in my street. Yes, this is the end of my life. What did I do to land up here? Does evil and god really exist? Yes it does is the answer which we can gain from this. But a super power by the name “GOD” is there for all of us at any time of crisis and that is what has happened to me and I am at the feet of the lord which is a paradise.