man and earth under evil !! god under???

Here’s what I believe. Nothing is good or bad. It just is. You can label things good and bad, but that is only from your viewpoint and maybe the viewpoints of others, but who are you to make judgments about good and bad? I would look more into constructive and destructive behaviors. But then again, destructive behaviors can be good at some times. (e.g. the destruction of morality, small-minded belief systems). That is, of course, only if we contruct something in the place of these destructive behaviors. 

Evil and the Devil are just other words for fear and control. Fear is a destructive emotion. It shrinks perspective.Don’t let it control your life. 

you would be wondering what this female is blabbering about !! yes am one of the kind who fears a lot n accepts the existence of this evil…but so far so good am face…lets c wt the future has in me 😀 


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