come back baby !!

How can that be so?
Where did my friend go?
Did I tempt with fate?
I said I would be late.

She left in such a hurry,
it seemed like an awful flurry.
Now I’m standing here hurt,
dragging my heart in the dirt.

I told her she would be missed,
she didn’t want to be kissed,
and she sped off in her car,
well that’s it, all that you are.

Please come back my baby,
don’t say no or maybe,

I won’t be late once more,

and make you run out the door.

– SHRUTHI (a dedication to sahana ramakrishnan)


24 thoughts on “come back baby !!

  1. oh its such a nice lil poem….. u knw u should compose more of them on her baby actions and when she grows up she can read the compilation… :)Somya Patra

  2. hey sweety pie..its the most beautiful poem i have evr heard..thank u soo much..its really very very special for me and the princess…thank u so much kutty maa..!!Lachoo RK

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