practically me :D

it was the night before the model exam..with so many people around u n an interesting match in the television operating systems (as it is called ) was the thing i had to face the next day….darn keeping the buk wide open i sat at the table…well some thing has to go wrong wen all are going stable :(…the buk was wide open but very soon my eyes wer tightly closed…mom rushed me into the rest room very soon (omg !! it was that tym i realized that it was morning ๐Ÿ˜€ *sheesh*)..devouring a bowl of flakes i managed to hack into my so called means of transport (my broken bus)…on reaching my course room ppl were interpreting,examining,comprehending the stuffs from the scrutiny of their notes !! well it cud nt help me out  either no matter wt they did do i cud nt get my mood into it :d…my companions thought that i was mad totally ๐Ÿ˜€ it was noon 12 wen i opened the flap of my laboratory n penetrated in…v all tuk our scripts n sat at our workstation ๐Ÿ™‚ n as i saw my query paper..:( it was a big omg  …very soon papers wer flying outside ..helpless was i…suddenly arose wit from no where…my self confidence urged me to rite the code of my own…yes !! u d have guessed it …my intellects wrote the code on its own…n the output yielded a positive reply…80 percent on 100…more than enough :D…i do have brains lol ! all my friends scored lesser than me !! god u r awsome !!


4 thoughts on “practically me :D

  1. Well shruthi this totally reminded me of my school exam days…. and yes you were basically suffering from the "oh-do-I-know-everything-the-exam-syndrome"dont worry it happens to the best of peopleand yes m pretty u r a very bright kid….all the best for future

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