gobbledygook :X

yes not a difficult one to guess..its ricky ponting-australian captain…last world cup this chap let out to the public that “india have to raise their standards to compete with australia”…what the hell !! yes the god of cricket is in the indian team…he made him pack his bags to his country..well thats none other than sachin tendulkar-god of indian cricket team…yes ricky we indians have to raise our standards to compete with ur team but u need to raise ur team needs to raise ur standards to stand against this one man who is capable of thrashing ur entire team…yes lee i accept ur sportsmanship n patriotism to ur team but pls ask ur captain not to talk some nonsense to the media rather than accepting ur fault…..asking a wicket for the ball hitting the ground and going into the fielder’s hands…height of stupidity really…perfect kangaroo soup and punter for side dish yesterday nite:D…perfect:D



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