Emotions are feelings forced into actions,
mental conditions that control who we are.
Red like a stop sign anger can thwart you,
Blue like a clear sky contentment can breathe.

Stress is like mud when you run in a race,
slowing you down, stopping your pace.
Sadness is an empty room you wish was filled,
Love is like a puppy you cuddle and hold.

Excitement comes from that unexpected kiss,
Fear is black and creepy walks on eight legs.
You never escape them, their forms often change.

Emotions are like a new box of crayons,
colourful and bold.
We can paint a picture bright, to keep all sadness out of sight.
To hide from those held dear, to full of joy appear.
Insecurity so deep, afraid of others seeing us as week.

Our emotions we attempt to hide, but they are strong inside.
Instead our feelings we suppress, causing endless stress.
Feelings have thoughts that manifest without doubt,
but it’s not always convenient to let them out.

Use any means possible that’s brings you comfort and ease,
write in a diary, or go swinging from trees.
To talk of them freely takes courage and understanding,
have faith that the whole world is not into branding

They are a durable fire never tired never over burdening
Never sick never dying from itself never turning.


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