wandering taste buds :D

Pani Puri,I wonder at these small cups filled with tasty nectar in them and their innovation. I think as far as food innovation goes this surely deserves a Nobel for their sheer creativity.
Sometimes filled with hot chick pea or with potatoes and filled with sweet date chutney and immersed in fresh mint water – one plate can never be enough.Their taste is like a thriller novel unfolding. The first pages unravel a crunchy ball bursting into the tightly grasped mouth, the water gushing into all corners of the mouth, the potato unwrapping itself in the end and finally when you gulp all down the real mystery of its taste unfolds.
I have had the best of pani puri’s just next to my house in Mumbai. . But the best one till date has been at a shop in Chennai and I have to thank one of my frnds (vasavi) for letting me try over ther for the first time.Next one is osb a shop near my house which is also lip smacking equally.. 
So if life is feeling heavy, explode with a pani puri.
GO PANIPURING… hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!


saree- the best apparel :-)

Saree is a marvel. It’s a fine creation which gives that sensuous and caring touch, feminine appeal and above all aided by these factors gives its wearer, obviously a lady, that special sparkle and charm. In spite of having the hardest of trials of being done away with,it is simple,elegant and the best attire.Rather than clinging on with a jean and a top or the usual chudidhar saree gives u a very decent look.this is what i think…no offence…wearing a saree doen’t mean u need to leave ur hair loose out to luk gud…a saree gives u the look even if u have ur hair plaited or jus a centre clip..a loose hair well in my personal opinion is’nt a gud option to go on with.Its the best traditional attire and it is attracted the most then other garb.A nine yard saree usually worn by elderly woman is worn by grabbing the cloth below  and putting over the shoulder and It is allowed to hang from the waist straight down and around like a skirt..Its worn during special occasions and gives an awsome look..It is worn on special occasions, especially by the bride on marriages ( which is for the first time they wear as per brahmin culture)..truly its the best attire ever !!

saree makes them even more amazing !