a writeup by my grandpa…

today i decided to share a write up written by my grandpa 40 years ago :)…it may not be sensible but its logical and nice 🙂 here is what it is 😀


funny but nice na..till my next post 😀


shruthi 🙂Image.


childhood revisited..

Thanks to The Daily Prompt‘s new blog post idea, and of-course my friend’s blog Platform 9-3/4  interest on the same I share my memories of childhood. Yes, I remember a few of my childhood memories i would like to share one of my best memories to you all 🙂 ;-):D

When I was five years old,my father used to take me along when he visited the Sai Baba temple in Mylapore everyday. One day when he didn’t take me,I decided to follow him. I crossed the main road behind him but did not see a car hurtling towards me. A tailor came running out of his  shop to save me. Hearing the commotion,my father turned to see the tailor carrying me and putting me down at the corner of the road.He thought the tailor was kidnapping me and scolded him bitterly. The next day me and my mother were walking in that road and the tailor explained to my mom what had actually happened.

This tailor was in my area till last year and he used to wave me his hand and say “HI” everytime i crossed his shop. He passed away last December if I am not wrong.Childhood memories are always special.This memory of mine got published in tinkle magazine  november 2005 edition 😀 and the pic is really funny 🙂 Image

obsessed to..

Its been a long time since my last post and indeed its great to get back blogging 🙂 and yes i have moved on wordpress finally 😀 As i was ruminating on what to blog for I thought of writing up about something which relates me a lot 😀

There goes a saying which say “She’s dead. And you’re still obsessing”..holds true in my case..There are many here, a desperate teenager prays to “Dear God, Hope I get my tickets for the first day show”.I still remember when my brother was begging my cousin to get the final book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” the very day morning it got out.One can relate all these as heights of obsession.

Sometimes obsession to me takes an elevation when it comes to K-serial.I still remember when i bunked one day college to complete my K-Serial “Boys Over Flowers” and I watched 15 episodes in one day, sacrificing food and sleep and of course wasting time.

Does this have a positive impact or a negative impact ??? is the question that arises

In movies, screenwriters and special effects artists create new and ever more graphic ways for characters to be maimed and killed. These kind of obsession may lead to serious consequences. In the movie series “Saw,” everyday people are abducted and put through gruesome trials or “games,” often resulting in their death. These movies showcase many squirm-in-your-seat moments that leave you wondering how the horrific scenes are conceptualized and made so realistic.Talking about the affirmative end they may encourage you,invoke positive thoughts and also may give a feel of compassion and relish the scenes which happen in there.One may relate the “Quidditch” match in the Harry Potter series.

Obsession may also be to things and to people.Something might already have been over a long time ago but might keep on going on in your mind always.My Obsession I often wonder about myself: why does this obsession of mine drive me to such an extreme. Why does the right side of my brain surface in such a manner that even I can’t understand. Is it out of boredom. Or is it overzealous creativity.???

1.Lee Min Ho (Goo jun pyu in  Boys Over Flowers)

Dunno whether it is because of his spiral hair or his character in the serial I am obsessed to this guy and aftermath as i said watched 15 episodes one day.

2.Rupert Grint (Ronald weasely)

Ron (rupert’s character)is the most mediocre of his siblings, neither an excellent Quidditch player, a noteworthy student, nor the son his mother always wanted. All these factors have combined to cause Ron serious insecurities but always searches for some reason to prove himself .Rupert perfectly does his job well and truly his “expressions” are the major reason for my obsession.


Ear rings,Angry Birds,Baloons,stuffed dolls


I am highly obsessed to earrings 😀 wherever i go out I am sure to get one on my way back..Angry birds is yet another thing which I am obsessed to and my collection are endless ..As i was pondering around my facebook profile I found this pic of teddy bear saving children.Yes I am highly obsessed to soft toys.They are like an emotional support to me always. Balloons are the next in the list of my obsession.Coloured balloons,the feel i get when i see them is priceless 😀


Till my next post 😀

cheers 🙂