childhood revisited..

Thanks to The Daily Prompt‘s new blog post idea, and of-course my friend’s blog Platform 9-3/4  interest on the same I share my memories of childhood. Yes, I remember a few of my childhood memories i would like to share one of my best memories to you all 🙂 ;-):D

When I was five years old,my father used to take me along when he visited the Sai Baba temple in Mylapore everyday. One day when he didn’t take me,I decided to follow him. I crossed the main road behind him but did not see a car hurtling towards me. A tailor came running out of his  shop to save me. Hearing the commotion,my father turned to see the tailor carrying me and putting me down at the corner of the road.He thought the tailor was kidnapping me and scolded him bitterly. The next day me and my mother were walking in that road and the tailor explained to my mom what had actually happened.

This tailor was in my area till last year and he used to wave me his hand and say “HI” everytime i crossed his shop. He passed away last December if I am not wrong.Childhood memories are always special.This memory of mine got published in tinkle magazine  november 2005 edition 😀 and the pic is really funny 🙂 Image


from a true friend….

I can’t bear the miles That are keeping us apart;
The pain that runs through meIs breaking my heart.
Dear friend, I miss u a lot..
I miss our holding at times of fright,I’m wishing you back hereWith all of my might.
Dear friend, I miss u a lot..
Every time I look at your photo IMiss you, think of times with you and your beautiful eyes;There’s nothing I’d rather see like that again and that’s no surprise.Dear friend, I miss u a lot..
I wish you didn’t have to go I’m missing you already;I know it hasn’t been that long Since we started going steady.but still..
Dear friend, I miss u a lot..
One day i hope u be back to me,the way u wer.I will have to wait till then;You would be the same old u..Not as  now but as my old paper and pen.
Dear friend, I miss u a lot..
The memories of our days are so strong in my heart;My memories are now my reasonAnd inside we will never part.Dear friend, I miss u a lot..